Family Medicine Clinical Resources

  • BS Medicine Podcast - from the Therapeutics Education Collaboration. Easily the resource that changed my practice the most. A thoughtful, practical, and patient-centered look at the evidence around common family practice issues like CV disease prevention, hypertension and diabetes.

  • Choosing Wisely Canada - Find out what common practices should be questioned. Includes physician recommendation lists and patient education material.

  • CVD Risk/Benefit Calculator from the TEC. Patient-friendly way of displaying CV risk and benefit with different interventions.

  • Less is More Medicine - compilation of clinical tools oriented to Shared Decision-Making and Evidence-Based Medicine

  • RxFiles - Academic detailing program from Saskatchewan. Indispensable for daily practice.

Medical Education Resources

  • Medical Education Twitter chat - follow @MedEdChat on Twitter for a weekly medical education Twitter chat, every Thursday at 9 PM EST.
  • - brief whiteboard animation videos about clinical topics, with many delivered by local & Canadian physicians.